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VixenGypsy's Rampages... Video Games!

But you're a chic!
Okay... So chics aren't supposed to like Video Games, let alone even playing one. I grew up with an Atari system that I was rarely allowed to play with. So, when I discovered The Playstation in my 20's, I never looked back. I began with Miss Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), moved onto Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) & now live to play with BloodRayne! I've done the dude games too, Evil Dead, Twisted Metal, Duke Nukem (I love him!), WWF Smackdown & racing games too numerous to name! So, admitance is the first step to recovery. "Hi, my name is Vixen Gypsy. I'm 32 and I love my PS2." Whew... where's my controller?

This chic kicks ass & sucks blood!

Dan the Man... with no lower jaw!


Tomb Raider...
Lara Croft Is Tomb Raider!
Lara Croft smokes the bad guys!
PS2 Cheats, Codes, News...

Actually... Alot More!
Wanna Link Me?
Resident Evil...
Resident Evil!
Zombies, Chics with guns... Cool!


What do you want NOW?!
Are you gonna sign or watch the pretty light?

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